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Snuggbee is a Dubai-based organic cloth diaper and service company dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions and a comprehensive hygiene system for individuals of all ages. Our primary focus lies in offering a skin-safe, ultra-absorbent, reusable cloth diaper product and convenient delivery, pick-up, and sanitization service. At Snuggbee, we prioritize the convenience and satisfaction of our customers while ensuring our services align with the highest standards of service quality and sustainability. Our cloth diaper product is designed with the utmost care, taking into consideration the well-being of both babies and the environment. By choosing reusable cloth diapers, our customers contribute to reducing waste and environmental impact while enjoying the benefits of a comfortable and gentle option for their little ones. We pride ourselves in providing a complete hygiene solution, catering to the needs of families who value sustainability, affordability, and superior quality. With Snuggbee, our customers can rely on our expertise and dedication to offer them the best cloth diapering experience in Dubai and beyond.

Our Teams

KIRAN very fondly called Mr. JP, a dynamic, effective, and influential leader, CEO and founder of SNUGGBEE Group of Companies. Entrepreneurship has been his childhood hobby. His long stand education & business experience in GCC countries paved way to his dream to create an innovative, sustainable, and ecofriendly brand. He has single-handedly built the organization, designed new business model, balanced the budget, created team members, and launched the luxury of bottom-line! SNUGGBEE is growing to be a global company under his leadership.

JP believes in turning ideas into reality!

The bright side of him, a fearless heart charm, passionate travel, and adventure freak, with contagious smile. He is happiest with his stallion. Loves his team like his family.

Kiran JP

CEO & Founder

Ameen, a finance and banker by profession, co-founder and CFO of SNUGGBEE Group of companies. His sharp analytical thinking is an asset to the organization. His vast Dubai banking experience to manage complex, high pressure, business decision upholding company’s financial health is like a butter on toast for his childhood buddy Kiran. He has good sense communication to share insights.

A perfect style statement!
On the other hand, a brand and fashion freak, “finance lingo”.

AL Ameen Naziruddin

CEO & Founder

Vandana, a biotechnologist by profession and currently heads of research and development at SNUGGBEE group of companies, but an entrepreneur at heart. Her global clinical research experience across US and Canada adds silver line to create unique products that are sustainable and ethically sourced and developed, her quest for creativity and uniqueness is a perfect challenge to join this brand.

Perfect blend of beauty with brains.
The flip side of her, daddy’s girl, child at heart, loves Nerf’s, women with strong work ethics and contagious energy.

Vandana Parashar


Rahul, MBA grad with multi-disciplinary work experience, currently overseeing India operations at SNUGGBEE Group of Companies. He carries UK and UAE work experience which makes him hardworking and diligent fellow team member whom you can rely on to accomplish tasks by call of the day. His ambition to become a more focused, creative, and resourceful version of himself. Openminded and loves to push through pain for company’s vision.
Smart, quirky with great sense of humor!

Fondly know as “kya yaar Rahul”, Macho man of SNUGGBEE, tempered but not a pampered go-getter.

Rahul Bala

COO India operations

Varun, the young JP, Has trading and logistics management experience from GCC countries. He currently oversees the public relationship and vendor management at SNUGGBEE Group of Companies. His quick math and computational skills make him a great problem solver. His experience is client negotiation & convincing tactics makes him best backup for Mr JP.

A little champion of all things weird!

The turnaround of him is a perfect cocoon becoming a butterfly.

Varun JP

Public Relation Manager

Anuroop Asokan
Advocate & Legal Consultant

Anuroop, an advocate by profession with MBA from Pennsylvania USA. He has 13 years of legal practice experience in business, vendor management, legal arbitrations & litigation management. He has been the legal strategic advisor for Mr. JP for all his ventures. He supports SNUGGGBEE in legal and partner management.

A childhood partner in crime!

Vijay Krishnan
Business Consultant and start-up specialist

Vijay, A international business management grad from UK with more than 15 years of experience in consulting upcoming entrepreneurs and investors establish their business in GCC countries. He currently is supporting SNUGGBEE Group of Companies to establish in UAE and Europe. A good mentor to look forward.

One among the three musketeers!

Nazia Anwar

Nazia Anwar is a seasoned sales and marketing professional and a very compassionate and empathetic individual. Her genuine interest in sales, numbers, and strategies drives her commitment to creating meaningful connections that drive success. Nazia's in per past has been appreciated for her leadership, integrity, and unwavering dedication. We are confident she will bridge the gap between organizations and stakeholders.

Vimal Kumar
Operations Head Oman

Vimal Kumar is known for his exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and drive for excellence. He is a forward-thinker and seeks innovative solutions to challenges in operations. His expertise in wholesale trading will play a pivotal role in the success of our organization.  

In his leisure time, Vimal enjoys exploring Oman's breathtaking landscapes and cooking passion that keeps him connected to the spices and beauty of his homeland.

Abdullah Balushi
Project Manager Oman

Abdullah our Omani Macho is an enthusiastic young team member, his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to remain calm under pressure is the icing on the cake.  He takes pride in his Omani heritage and often incorporates local culture and values into his project management approach, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within his teams.

As he continues to lead and contribute to key projects, his influence on Oman's progress remains both noteworthy and enduring.

Abhijith Valsalan
Graphic Designer

Abijith is an artist who loves to express his artistic skills to the world. At SNUGGBEE Group of Companies, he found the right platform to animate the idea. He is the most silent & dedicated team member who never denies working for the mission of the company. SNUGGBEE is like a second home to him. His creativity and designs add life to our brand.

A silent party animal!

The flip side of him is unbelievable! Smirky and naughty and a soothing shoulder to hear your heartbreak.

Ashmita Kavatiya
Fashion Designer

Ashmita a microbiologist by education and a Fashion designer cum maker by profession. She leads the fashion sampling team at the SNUGBBEE group of companies. Her patience and perseverance to achieve out of box designs and patterns are well appreciated. She perfectly defines the work-and-home balance and never lets go of an opportunity to showcase her skills.

Compassion unlimited!

Dhruvin Moradiya
Embroidery Designer

Dhruvin comes from a long line of embroidery designers and embroidery workers family. He is the youngest generation of his family to take up his fore-fathers’ skills to next level. He is open to adapting to the latest technology and creating off-beat embroidery designs.  At SNUGGBEE, he nurtures the chance to develop innovative, trendy, and unique designs.

Fashion Designer

Jessmine, is a young enthusiastic fashion designer who weaves dreams into reality through her exquisite creations. She aspires to be a trendsetter and a visionary in the fashion industry, using her innate passion for art and an eye for detail. Fueled by ambition and a thirst for knowledge, she pursued a formal education in fashion design, refining her skills and nurturing her creativity.

“Effortless blend of classic and contemporary elements!”

Fashion Designer

A budding fashion designer into the enchanting world of fashion. Her artistic hands and an extraordinaire fashion maker. Her deep love for the art of design, creativity, and eagerness earned her admiration and respect within the company.

“A light-weight champion of fashion team.”

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